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Take a look a Jessica Weese’s Team Champion Series disc and you’ll find two symbols displayed prominently: the compass and the hour glass.

The compass shows that Weese, of Grass Valley, CA, believes she’s found the right pathway in life with disc golf. Being named to Team Champion was a goal of hers and after realizing it she feels confident in her direction. jessica-scaled

But at the same time, she feels there’s much more to achieve and that’s where the hour glass comes in. Its job is to remind her to set her sights even higher and to go for it now before time runs out.
“I feel everyday we’re losing time. Life is too short. You really just have to put your heart into everything that you want,” said Weese, who won the DGPT Utah Open and the Brent Hambrick Memorial Open and placed 2nd in the US Women’s Disc Golf Championships this past year.

The design is featured on a Champion RocX3. For the last two and a half years, she said she’s been trying to find a disc that lies in between her KC Pro Roc and a Gator. “The RocX3 was the one to do it,” said Weese, who said she fell in love with it from the first throw.

For the stamp, Weese went to the same artist who came up with her earlier Disc Princess stamp design. After submitting ideas to Tony Mitchell, who is a tattoo artist in Washington, he brought back the unique compass and hour glass image.Below is the Disc Princess stamp. disc-princess-scaled
For 2018, Weese looks to tour with another top golfer and has plans to take along a trailer (decorated with her sponsors logos) so she’s able to sell merchandise on tour.

Some of that merch may also include her original disc golf jewelry, which she currently sells on her Facebook and Instagram pages and is looking to pursue more seriously with a website. 12107608_848070065300291_241772728_n

Other plans include leading more clinics with a focus on encouraging more girls and women to take up the sport.
“I want to inspire the kids - the future per se, and the women who haven’t found disc golf. I want to share how amazing it is and how good it provides mental and physical well-being,” said Weese.