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Choosing between the best Distance Drivers in Disc golf is key to taking your game to the next level. Right behind the putt, there is no doubt that the drive is essential to scoring well. In this article we will recommend ten of the best distance drivers in disc golf for players of all skill levels!

Why Distance Drivers are Important in Disc Golf

Distance drivers are important in disc golf, because obviously, they can help you achieve your maximum distance potential. Their design, sharper edges, and thinner profiles, enable them to slice through the air, offering greater speed and glide. This allows players to cover bigger distances with fewer throws, which is essential for navigating long holes. They’re also varied in stability, catering to different throwing styles and flight paths needed for specific shots. Mastering distance drivers can significantly lower scores by reducing the number of throws to reach the basket.

Most Popular Distance Driver Overall

Top Choice
star destroyer purple

Destroyer (12 / 5 / -1 / 3)

For a long time, the Destroyer has been the premier disc when it comes to distance drivers. Year in and year out it dominates lists and there are obvious reasons for that. Its combination of speed, stability, and glide makes it a top choice for players who are looking to add more distance to their game.

Best Distance Drivers for High Power

If you are aiming for extreme distance with your throws, this section is tailored just for you. The discs listed below stand out as superb options for players possessing extreme arm speed and power, specifically designed for those moments when nothing but maximum distance will do. They excel in providing the additional leverage needed to cover vast stretches of the course, making them indispensable for competitors or enthusiasts who demand the utmost from their equipment in pursuit of unparalleled distance. With these discs, achieving those awe-inspiring, game-changing long throws becomes a tangible reality.

High Speed Option

Wraith (11 / 5 / -1 / 3)

The Wraith stands out as a versatile distance driver, admired for its perfect mix of speed, glide, and stability. It’s a top choice for players seeking to boost distance with control, offering a slightly more accessible option than the most demanding drivers, while consistently delivering reliable performance on the course.

High Speed Option

Shryke (13 / 6 / -1 / 2)

The Shryke is celebrated for its high-speed glide and effortless distance, making it a favorite among players aiming to maximize their drive. Its stability and forgiving nature allow for long, soaring flights with less effort, ideal for those looking to push their game further. It’s a go-to for achieving personal bests in distance with control.

Best Distance Drivers for Medium Power

These discs are for those who are experienced with throwing but are not quite ready to take the leap to higher speed options. Both discs below are great for medium level power, offering a balance between control and distance, and serve as a good gateway for those who want to eventually advance to ultra high speed drivers. They provide an excellent opportunity to refine technique while still achieving significant distance, making them ideal for players looking to smoothly transition to more challenging discs in the future.

Medium Power Option

Beast (10 / 5 / -2 / 2)

The Innova Beast shines as a dependable distance driver, known for its balanced blend of speed, glide, and moderate stability. It appeals to a wide range of players, offering controlled distance with ease. Its versatility makes it a staple in bags, ideal for those seeking reliable flights and improved distance without sacrificing accuracy.

Medium Power Option

Sidewinder (9 / 5 / -3 / 1)

The Innova Sidewinder excels in delivering exceptional turn and glide, making it a prime choice for players seeking to maximize their distance with a manageable speed. Its understable nature allows for beautiful S-shaped flights, perfect for beginners and advanced players alike aiming for distance with finesse. It’s a go-to for effortless long drives and versatile flight paths.

Best Distance Drivers for Low Power

If you are lacking power in your game, we have you covered! These discs are specifically made for players who lack power but still need extra distance. These selections are designed with lighter weights and more understable flight patterns, meant to maximize distance with less effort. Perfect for those who are looking to find more distance on the disc golf course.

Low Power Alternative

Roadrunner (9 / 5 / -4 / 1)

The Innova Roadrunner is a standout for low-power players, offering exceptional glide and understability for easy distance. Its ability to produce long, turning drives with minimal effort makes it a favorite among beginners and those with slower arm speeds. The Roadrunner excels in achieving controlled anhyzers and roller shots, making it a versatile disc for adding distance and navigating courses with finesse.

Low Power Alternative

Mamba (11 / 6 / -5 / 1)

The Innova Mamba excels for players seeking maximum distance with minimal power, thanks to its extreme understability and high glide. Ideal for newer players or those with lower arm speeds, it turns over easily, enabling long, sweeping drives and impressive distance without requiring high speed throws. It’s a top choice for achieving wide arcs and extended flights effortlessly.

Bonus Pick: Max Speed Distance Driver

This extra pick is a choice for people who are highly experienced with drivers and are looking for something that is difficult to throw but will offer monstrous results when correctly tossed! It’s designed for those who have mastered their technique and seek a disc that challenges their skill. Ideal for players who thrive on perfecting complex shots, this disc is a testament to the adage that high risk can lead to high reward.

Top Pick

The Corvette

The Innova Corvette is perfect for experienced players with strong throws, offering top speed and stability for maximum distance. Designed for those with high arm speed, it excels in precision and glide, outperforming other discs in the hands of power throwers. It’s a preferred choice for seasoned players aiming to push their distance drives further, providing long, controlled flights that elevate their game.

Try a new distance driver today!

We hope you found our distance driver recommendations insightful! Each disc is tailored to suit specific skill levels, shot types, and various other factors. While this list serves as a great starting point, we strongly encourage you to explore a wide range of other options and discover the driver that truly complements your game. Now grab some plastic and get out and throw!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a distance driver different from other disc types?
Distance drivers have sharp edges and narrow profiles, allowing them to cut through the air efficiently for maximum distance. They’re designed for long shots and require more power and technique, making them a fit for experienced players but also available in versions suitable for beginners.

How do I choose the right distance driver for my skill level?
Select a driver based on your experience: beginners should look for lighter, understable discs for ease of use; intermediate players can handle more stable discs for controlled flights; advanced players benefit from overstable discs that offer precision and can withstand powerful throws.

Why are flight numbers important in selecting a distance driver?
Understanding flight numbers is crucial when choosing a distance driver in disc golf. These numbers represent a disc’s speed, glide, turn, and fade, offering a snapshot of its flight characteristics. By interpreting these values, players can select a disc that aligns with their skill level and throwing preferences, enhancing their game strategy.

Can trying different disc weights improve my game?
Yes, experimenting with disc weights can significantly impact your game. Lighter discs are recommended for players with less arm strength or those new to the sport, as they can achieve greater distances with less effort. More experienced players might prefer heavier discs for their stability and wind resistance.

Published: March, 2024
Updated: July, 2024

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