#Growthesport In Africa

Everyone’s always talking about growing the sport. Here’s your chance to help grow the sport in new countries, even a continent. With the new Africa Disc Golf Series, proceeds from these unique discs will help plant the disc golf seed in African countries.

This first edition includes rim-to-rim XXL zebra-stripes on hard to find Champion Aviar3 and Glow JK Pro Aviar. Expect to see other cool wildlife renditions on subsequent discs in the series.

More About the Discs:
The Champion Aviar3 gives you all the benefits of the stable-but straight Star Aviar3 with a touch more stability, while the Glow JK Pro Aviar has an unbeatable feel for those gummy JK lovers.

Proceeds will go toward introducing disc golf to new African countries and build upon Africa’s small, but growing disc golf scene through disc golf demos and events for school children and adults, and tournaments.

Leading this effort is Yohannes Desalegn, an Innova Ambassador living in Ethiopia, who has made it his mission to grow disc golf in Ethiopia and Africa. Along with founding the Ethiopian Disc Golf Association, and Disc Golf Africa, Desalegn organized Africa’s first PDGA event, the Ethiopian Open in February.

Here's Desalegn teaching a young boy to throw, with good results.

Desalegn, who’s been playing disc golf since 2011, said the event went well and he learned a lot about running tournaments and bringing the sport to the next level.
Currently Desalegn, who has nearly finished college in electrical and computer engineering at Assosa University (Western Ethiopia) and business management at Rift Valley University, is working on the inaugural African Disc Golf Tour, which will include two stops in 2019: The Zambia Open at the end of January and the return of the Ethiopian Open in February. He hopes to add two more countries to the tour the following year.

Here's Desalegn (middle with sunglassess) with others at the Ethiopian Open earlier in the year.

In the fall, he also has plans on introducing disc golf to various universities and refugee camps, which he’s been working on for more than a year to receive permission for government bodies.
What drives Desalegn to do all of this comes down to his love for disc golf and providing his country of Ethiopia and other African countries the inexpensive and enjoyable sport of disc golf.
For more information on Desalegn and his efforts, go to his Facebook page or visit Ethiopian Disc Golf.