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Would ya’ look at those chompers?!

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Where do you turn when everything turns over? Simple, the Gator. For our latest Zen Series offering, we utilized the fiercely overstable midrange and just like its namesake, it packs one hell of a bite.

Not just your stock Gator

We’ve got 4 unique Gator plastic types to choose from:

Pro Gator

Glow Pro Gator

Champion (Clear) Gator

Luster Champion Gator

Not Just for Big Arms

What’s great about this offering is choice. For those looking for the beef, the Champion or Luster Champion Gator will surely satisfy your overstable appetite. But for those with less power, the Pro Gator or Glow Pro Gator will be more your speed.

Here’s a look at what the Gator can typically do:


More on the design

Marm O. Set delivered another stunning yin-yang styled design with the Zen Gator artwork.

Compared to his other designs, the Zen Gator was a tough nut to crack. He loves the alligator’s scales and he wanted to include as many as he could, but they’re not easy to do correctly, he says.

“Everything needs to line up correctly and scale appropriately as they recede into the distance,” said Marm O. Set, adding that it took him several tries to get it right.

You’ll see that and other cool behind the scene details in the following work-flow video of Marm O. Set’s design. Bonus: Can you spot the alligator inaccuracy? Marm O. Set reveals it in his video.

Marm O. Set said it’s easy to appreciate the modern-day monster. Along with its dragon-like scales; it’s teeth, claws, and huge tail make it a force to be reckoned with.

“They can just sit there like a potato and still look evil!” he said in awe.

Why you should buy one

Everyone should have a Gator in their bag. Whether you are forehand dominant or need a reliable meat hook for headwind and spike hyzer shots, the Gator delivers with astonishing force.

Published: April, 2020
Updated: November, 2023

What's Next?

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