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What is Innova Halo Plastic?

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The term ‘Halo’ does not refer to a distinct plastic type. Rather, Innova Halo Plastic refers to a unique 2-part injection molding production process. Halo Discs are made using a combination of 2 different colors, which creates a distinctive ‘halo’ effect near the rim. The aesthetically pleasing transitions, bright colors, and seemingly endless color combinations are what make Halo so unique and popular.

While Halo can be achieved in multiple plastic types (more on this later), we’ll mostly be discussing Halo Star Plastic, which is where Halo started and continues to be the most popular and widely available variation.

Continue reading to learn more about Halo Plastic. We’ll discuss its qualities, history, and provide some top picks we think you should try!

Halo Star discs are known for their two distinct colors.

Why is Halo plastic so popular?

Before Halo plastic, most discs came in only solid colors. One could hope to find a disc with some swirls of another color, but those were few and far between. With Halo, players get out-of-this-world color combinations every time. Take a look and you’ll see that each Halo disc has a distinct rim color and one or more different center colors. Add-in Halo’s top flying performance and it’s easy to see why Halo has been Innova’s most in-demand plastic of the past two decades.

How are Halo discs made?

Much like the closely guarded recipe of Coca-Cola, the production methods of Halo discs is tightly held by Innova. However, we do know a few things. Halo comes from a blend of star plastics. Their captivating colors are the result of an intricate two-tone injection process. And, the Halo process was something that Innova Co-founder and Disc Inventor Dave Dunipace and his team set out to do. “We purchased machines specifically to do Halo and other upcoming processes,” Dunipace said. It was not an accident, he added. 

The history of Halo plastic

Starting in the spring of 2020, Halo plastic was unveiled in limited Halo Star runs through Innova Factory Store and DGU releases. The first model released in Halo plastic was the Valkyrie in March, 2020 and was later followed by the Thunderbird, Shryke, Wraith, and Destroyer also that spring. Fans clamored for more and more Innova models to be given the Halo treatment and as each was produced it was quickly embraced and quickly gone (sold out). Even the Polecat, a underutilized putt and approach disc, got to join-in on the Halo craze after internet commenters steadily campaigned for a Halo version of the disc. Early runs of Halo Star discs are easily noticed because of the lack of flight numbers on the stamps, which were eventually added several runs later.

Halo Star was first widely released to Innova retailers as a stock offering in February 2023 with the Halo Star Roc3, Roadrunner, and Firebird

Characteristics of Halo Star plastic

Halo Star plastic is known for its visual aesthetic, grip, durability, and flight pattern. Because of this, Halo plastic has become one of Innova’s top sellers. Lets take a quick dive into those four distinct qualities of Halo plastic.

  • Aesthetic: Halo discs are loved by the disc golf community because of their unique appearance. This appearance comes from the plastic being injected by a machine that allows for two separate colors to be blended into the disc. This unique color mixture creates the ‘halo’ effect that so many people have come to love.
  • Grip: Innova Halo Star discs have excellent grip that seems to get better over time. Being derived from Star plastic, the grip has an excellent base that is improved by the premium mixture used in the Halo machines.
  • Durability: Halo, like many other of Innova’s premium plastics, has excellent durability. In fact, it ranks among Innova’s most durable plastic blends. If you are looking for a disc that will last a long time in your bag’s starting  lineup, Halo is for you!
  • Extra Stability & Glide: While a sweet looking disc is awesome, in the end, the disc’s flight is what everyone cares about – and Halo Star plastic does not disappoint. Like its Star plastic counterpart, Halo Star discs are extremely dependable in just about any condition. However, there are some subtle flight differences between the two plastics. Since its inception, Halo Star plastic has been described as being more stable and having more glide than its Star plastic counterpart. Why? That’s a good question and one that Dunipace is still trying to figure out. “I don’t know why Halo is more stable than regular injection molding, but it seems to be so across different plastics,” said Dunipace.
  • Different Halo Patterns: Over the years, you may have noticed that Innova Halo Star discs don’t always have the same type of Halo Pattern. Some, especially the earlier models released, have a more distinct, crisp Halo Pattern, while others have a thicker Halo ring that can lead to multiple flight plate colors. The reason why that happens is actually quite simple says Dunipace. “Those two different patterns are the result of two different (molding) machines,” says Dunipace.

Halo compared to other Innova plastics

Innova offers a wide variety of disc golf plastic options ranging from their beginner friendly DX options to pro level premium plastics. In this section, we will take an in-depth look at the differences between Halo plastic and Innova’s other premier plastic options.

Innova Plastic Chart

Halo Star vs Star

Star plastic is clearly Halo’s closest kin. However, there are discernible differences between the two. Though Star plastic has reliable grip, Halo plastic surpasses it. The same can be said about durability, Halo Star outpaces Star by a modest degree. And, as we’ve already explained, halo plastic tends to have more stability and glide in the air. When it comes to how the two plastics are made, Dunipace says that “the process is completely different.  It (Halo) offers us many options that regular processes don’t.”

Halo Star vs Champion

Innova’s most durable plastic is Champion. But Halo Star comes in at a close second. Champion also slightly outmatches Halo Star in terms of flight overstability. But Halo Star is the clear winner when it comes to grip. Ultimately, Halo Star, Star, and Champion are all top options when it comes to selecting discs. It really comes down to personal preferences on appearance, grip, and stability. 

Halo in other plastics

Halo Star is definitely the most prevalent Halo plastic. But, as you might’ve guessed, Halo has been used for other plastics as well. Innova dabbled with Halo Champion also in 2020 and DGU is is famous for the first ever release of a Halo Champion disc, The Halo Champion Wraith (pictured below). The disc, which has not been widely available since, was released February 2020.

Disc Golf United's Halo Champion Wraith with XXL Oracle stamp

Besides Champion, Halo has also been offered in limited numbers in Glow Star and Glow Champion, and Nexus plastics , most of which are reserved for very limited Tour Series runs. Seeing these various plastics given the Halo treatment begs the question, ‘Are there any Innova plastics that cannot be converted to Halo?’
“All plastics can be done in Halo,” says Dunipace. So, who knows, maybe Halo DX or Halo R-Pro is on the way.

Which Halo Discs should I try?

Hopefully after reading this article, you have a deeper understanding of Innova Halo Discs. If you are looking to get some for your own bag, we got you covered! Below are our five best selling Halo Discs, and why you should consider each one.

Blue and Pink Halo Star Roadrunner

Halo Roadrunner

9 / 5 / -4 / 1

The Halo Roadrunner is a distance driver prized for its speed, glide, and understability. Its high-speed turn and impressive glide deliver remarkable distance potential with minimal effort. The Roadrunner’s gentle fade ensures accuracy and control, making it a go-to choice for players seeking massive drives and finesse on tricky fairways.


Halo Firebird

9 / 3 / 0 / 4

The Halo Firebird is an elite overstable driver prized for its reliability and consistent fade. Its unmatched control and predictability make it perfect for challenging wind conditions. With a dependable fade, it’s a must-have for precision shots in tight fairways or strong headwinds.


Halo Mamba

11 / 6 / -5 / 1

The Halo Mamba is a versatile understable driver valued for its remarkable glide and effortless distance potential. Its understable flight path allows for easy turnover shots, making it a favorite for players, especially newer players and those looking to gain distance.


Halo Valkyrie

9 / 4 / -2 / 2

The Halo Valkyrie is a beloved distance driver prized for its combination of speed, glide, and accuracy. Its reliable high-speed turn and impressive glide make it ideal for maximum distance shots with precise control. The Valkyrie’s manageable fade ensures accuracy and predictability, making it a versatile choice for players of all skill levels.


Halo Mystere

11 / 6 / -2 / 2

The Halo Mystere is a versatile stable to understable driver known for its exceptional glide and moderate turn. Its understable flight path allows for effortless distance and smooth turnovers, making it a favorite among players seeking controlled distance shots.

Factory Second Halo Discs

Looking for a great deal on Halo Star Discs? Keep F2 Halo discs in mind. Factory Second discs are cheaper because they have a slight blemish in the plastic or they contain a stamp misprint. DGU has the best selections of Factory Second Halo Star models. Plus, we hand pick the best double stamps from the Innova East Custom Stamp Department to regularly update our Factory Second inventory. Visit our main F2 page to learn more about all of our Innova Factory Seconds. And, stay tuned to Disc Golf United social media to see the latest releases.

F2 Halo discs fly the same as non factory second discs and can save you money.

People Also Ask:

Is Innova Halo plastic more overstable?

Yes, Innova’s Halo plastic generally makes discs more overstable. This stiffer, denser material enhances the disc’s gyroscopic effects, which improves its stability and increases its fade. This characteristic is particularly noticeable in windy conditions or when thrown with powerful force, although the impact can vary slightly by disc model.

Is Halo more stable than Champion?

Innova’s Champion plastic is generally more overstable than Halo plastic. Champion’s material offers superior stability, making it ideal for experienced players seeking dependable flight characteristics in various conditions. Halo, while visually appealing, tends to be slightly less overstable compared to Champion.

Is Halo more stable than Star?

Innova’s Halo plastic is generally more overstable than Star plastic. Halo’s denser composition enhances stability and fade, making it favorable in windy conditions or for powerful throws. This makes Halo discs particularly reliable for players seeking consistent, predictable flight paths.

Is Halo plastic different than star?

Yes and no. Innova’s Halo plastic is a variation of star, but it does also differ from Star plastic. Halo is typically stiffer and slightly more overstable, offering a distinctive, vibrant appearance with a color-contrasting rim. Star plastic provides exceptional grip and durability but with slightly less overstability compared to Halo, catering to a wide range of players.

Which Innova plastic is most overstable?

Innova’s most overstable plastic is generally considered to be Champion. It provides superior durability and consistency in flight. Designed for experienced players, Champion maintains its stability over time, excelling in windy conditions and powerful throws, making it a preferred choice for reliable and predictable performance.

Published: June, 2024
Updated: June, 2024

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