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Jasper the Not-So Friendly Zombie

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Meet Jasper. He’s loud. He’s slow moving. He’s got a taste for human flesh. And when he and his zombie friends are not chasing humans, he also plays a little disc golf.

We’re featuring Jasper the Zombie first in our new Zombie INNColor Series.

The Discs:

You can find Jasper’s gruesome likeness on three popular “3” Series discs: Star Aviar3, Star Roc3, and Star Teebird3. Each disc brings a speedy, fresh update of the original disc.

Star Aviar3

Designed for precision backhand / forehand approaches and short tee shots.

Star Roc3

Holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and has a predictable fade.

Star Teebird3

Just like the popular TeeBird fairway driver except with more speed and less glide. 

More about Jasper the Not-So Friendly Zombie

·    Full Name: Jasper St. Bonaventure

·    Interests: Sneaking up on humans. Fondue parties. Late night disc golf.

·    Pet Peeves: Zombie Response Vehicles. Do-gooders. Misplacing his mini inside his hip muscles.

·    Favorite Movie: Four Weddings and a Funeral (he’s a huge Hugh Grant fan).

·    Favorite Food: Brain Casserole with a nice layer of baked cheese.

·    Best Disc Golf Throw: The Chicken Wing (but he has to dislocate his arm to perform it).

·    Before He Became a Zombie: Jasper owned a small bagel shop and dabbled in DIY taxidermy videos. He won the 1996 Prairie Doggin’ It Open, but the title was later revoked for using non-PDGA approved towels.

·    Personal Goals: 1) Remove nail from head without head crumbling to pieces (it might be holding everything together). 2) Go on a disc golf cruise full of humans.   

·    After Becoming a Zombie: he gained 100 feet in distance on his backhand. His forehand still sucks, though.

More about the stamp

Among artist Brian Allen’s large body of work, zombies show up quite often. He said growing up a heavy metal fan helped shape his art like the zombie you see before you.

“I think I Iearned to draw from 1980s heavy metal album covers. I spent a lot of time looking at Iron Maiden and Metallica albums. I used to sit there and draw and redraw all of those characters and I think I just never stopped,” said Allen, adding he also draws inspiration from the 1980s and earlier horror movies and other media he grew up with.  

More about the artist

 Allen, of Bellefonte, PA, has been a graphic designer/illustrator since college and eventually took the plunge, starting his own studio, Flyland Designs.

 You can find his work, which ranges from grim dark designs to light family friendly characters on t-shirts, website banners, mascots, branding and other promotions. One of his prize assignments was designing the costume for the new Philadelphia Flyers mascot.   

 Why you should buy these discs:

 Super cool INNColor artwork from a professional artist on 3 popular discs for 3 different aspects of your game – What are you waiting for?

Published: April, 2019
Updated: August, 2023

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