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Tanks for the Memories

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Technical illustrations aren’t typically artist Marm O. Set’s bag, However, you wouldn’t be able to tell that from his remarkable XXL Tank. Rolling toward you like a mobile earthquake, it’s an awesome depiction of the battle machine.

More about the Tank:

Called the ‘Beadless Rhyno’, the Tank eliminates costly misfires from your approach and midrange game. Thrown hard, it provides straight flight with little glide, meaning it finds your target and promptly falls out of the sky.

Flight Numbers: 2 / 1 / 0 / 2

The XXL Tank is featured in three Hyzerbomb plastics: Baseline Soft,

Glow Baseline Soft, and Baseline Hard.

More about the stamp:

Marm O. Set first drew the XXL Tank image in CAD, which is used often to produce three-dimensional images of automobiles, airplanes, and architecture. CAD helped him find the perspective of the tank including the gun barrels properly receding into space.

Here’s an early version of Marm O. Set’s Tank on CAD.

 Growing up with his dad in the Army, Marm O. Set, saw his fair share of tanks. He said back in the 80’s and 90’s Army bases were more open than they are now, and you could occasionally get a close look at some of their vehicles and planes.

“Tanks. Planes. They’d put all their toys out,” he said. 

He’s even got some first hand experience behind the wheel. Here’s a relatively recent pic of Marm O. Set driving a tank at Tank Town USA.  

More about the artist:

Illustrating machinery isn’t exactly Marm O. Set’s passion. It’s more like work, says the artist who has produced the Zen KC Pro Mako3 and this year’s Shamroc design earlier this year. If the machinery lines aren’t parallel it’s easy to tell with the eye, so it takes a lot of time and fine-tuning. However, he says doing this kind of technical illustration helps round out his artistic pallet.

Marm O. Set Takes the Tank Out for a spin:

A fan of the Rhyno and all of its variations, Marm O. Set was excited to be a part of the release. After receiving his Tank artist samples, he immediately went out to the course.  

“The soft Tanks nestle down on tricky greens and don’t want to roll away. The hard Tanks encourage you to rip drives with confidence, even when you are facing that super mean double-double mando on Boyd Hill’s #6 teepad,” said Marm O. Set.  

Published: April, 2019
Updated: November, 2023

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