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DGU: Now With Double the Leopards!

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How do you know when a leopard is stalking you? You don’t. They’re so quiet, unsuspecting prey will never hear them coming. Dual Leopards on the prowl is the featured artwork in the third edition of our Zen Series.

About the Leopard3

The Leopard3 has a nice controllable turn right out of the box. It can be thrown smooth for straighter shots, or harder for more turn. Adjusting the angle of release allows the Leopard3 to be an incredibly versatile fairway driver.

3 Series

Discs within the 3 Series including the Leopard3 are generally faster and have less glide for more control than their original counterpart.

More About This Run

Available in Champion, Luster Champion and Color Glow DX. 

More About the Design 

With its contoured tail and arching back, the leopard animal lends itself well to the yin-yang style of the Zen Series. 

“I wanted to create a leopard that has a sense of movement itself so that your eye follows it as it leads into the next leopard,” said Advent, who prefers fairway drivers for the control they provide.

Balance is the key to creating a compelling stamp featuring one design element (a leopard) used twice.

“I think it’s about creating a good visual balance that keeps your eye moving around the design,” said Advent.

Cool Touch

To indicate the number “3” in Leopard3, Advent got creative and used three slashes. Leopards are known for marking their territory by slashing trees in this manner and Advent thought it would lend itself well to a more aggressive design.

“I’ve always liked to substitute graphics for letters/numbers and I thought some slashes from the leopard’s claws would work perfectly…,” said Advent.

Why You Should Buy One.

The Leopard3 is Innova’s most popular fairway driver. No bag should be without one. Now you can pair it with a stamp design that performs just as well.

Published: July, 2019
Updated: November, 2023

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