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Top 10 Disc Golf Accessories for Disc Golfers

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You have your favorite disc golf bag. It’s full of your favorite discs. What other accessories do you need to carry? Whether you are playing a casual round or a multi-round tournament, there is some gear that is vital to include. Then, there are a few other extras that are nice to have in the bag if you have the space.

Here are DGU’s top 10 disc golf accessories for your bag:

1. Towel

Some kind of towel (or multiple towels) is an absolute must to have on or in your disc golf bag. You need to be able to dry off discs during dewy morning rounds or on rainy days. Towels are also useful to clean off mud, dirt and dust that can affect your grip. Grab a nice big Innova Tour Towel and/or a Dew Fly microfiber towel. Keep your hands and discs clean out on the disc golf course!

2. Drinkware

You have to stay hydrated, especially during long tournament rounds or multi-round days where you need your water handy and plentiful. Whether you prefer to stick with water or something else, keep it cool with a reusable 32-ounce Innsulated Canteen or grab a Can Hugger for your energy drink, water, soda or beer. DGU also carries reusable silicone Silipints, ideal for after-round drinks with your buddies.

3. Sportsack

In addition to your towel, the best way to improve your disc golf grip is to carry a Sportsack in your bag. These 100% cotton sacks take up hardly any room and are filled with thousands of super-thirsty Beadsorb beads. They can quickly dry off your hands and discs, even in the rain. These aren’t messy chalk bags and they last longer than bags with rosin or other powders.

4. Rangefinder

Bushnell has changed the game of disc golf with their laser rangefinder technology. Rangefinders are extremely handy when out on the course. You can get exact measurements for each throw. They are also great for practice sessions and fieldwork, allowing you to set clear targets and measure each throw.


5. Portable Chair

Having a portable seat is very useful, especially during long tournament rounds where you might encounter back-ups on some tee boxes. The Innova Park & Fly portable stool has always been a popular choice. It weighs only 1.6 pounds and folds up nicely for easy carrying.

6. Knee Pad

DGU carries a fun line of designer GroundBound knee pads. Protect your knees and get as comfortable as possible when lining up a tricky low-ceiling putt or an awkward upshot!

7. Umbrella

If you are ever playing disc golf in the rain, it sure is nice to have a quality umbrella. Innova’s Topo Pattern Umbrella will keep you and your discs/bag out of the rain. Its square shape provides great coverage and also makes it easy to set down without it rolling or blowing away.

8. Disc Retriever

Disc retrievers continue to get more portable/extendable and they really are useful. Most disc retrievers pay for themselves after just a few rounds. They are especially great for courses with water hazards in play. Check out the Kwik-Stik from InZone Disc Golf.

9. Hand Warmer

Cold weather rounds can be rough. It helps to keep your hands warm. Disposable hand warmers are wasteful and don’t last long. Pick up a rechargeable Innova Electric Hand Warmer that will last up to 1.5-3 hours. It also doubles as a portable USB power bank to keep your phone or other devices charged.

10. Mini Marker Discs

It’s always good to have at least one mini marker disc in the bag. Whether you mark your lie before every throw or you only pull it out when you want to take advantage of the rules, you should always keep a mini on hand.

Honorable Mentions

Though maybe not as “essential” as the items listed above, here are a few other things we recommend to include in your disc golf bag:


DiscDots are made in the U.S.A. by and are great training aids. You can clip them directly to any specific chain in your practice basket. These bright dots give you clear aiming points. You can’t use them on the course during a competitive round, but you can clip one or two to your bag and use during your warm-up putting session. We also carry some colorful DiscDot Zipper Pulls if you want to add a little flair to your disc golf bag.

Pins & Patches

Speaking of your “pieces of flair,” it’s fun to decorate your disc golf bag with pins and patches. Show a little personal style and make your bag stand out!


Though not necessarily an “accessory,” we can’t forget about snacks. Tasty treats are always great to have in the bag. They can provide you with a little extra energy during the round. Beef jerky is always the perfect disc golf snack. And, if you haven’t yet tried Double G Craft Jerky, you are missing out! It is handmade by Team Innova’s own Garrett Gurthie and comes in six delicious flavors. A portion of proceeds from sales also go to support charitable organizations like the Double G Children’s Foundation and the Paul McBeth Foundation.

Published: September, 2021
Updated: November, 2023

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