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Which is the Best Disc Golf Mid-Range?

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Mid-range discs are the ultimate utility discs. Unlike distance drivers, they allow you to shape a variety of shots off the tee or give you excellent control on your approach shots. When you find a mid-range you can depend upon, you tend to fall in love with it.

How many mid-ranges you tend to carry in your bag will depend on your game and your personal preferences. Some players may only bag a few. Others may carry more mids than anything else. Just ask Philo Brathwaite how many Roc molds he has in his bag at any given time! He is one of the masters of shot-shaping with all his different Rocs.

So, what are the best midrange discs on the market? Of course, Innova makes some of the most popular mid-range molds and we’d like to highlight some of our top recommendations.

Here are Disc Golf United’s Top 5 mid-range disc golf discs:

1. Roc Series

The Innova Roc series has been a staple in the Innova lineup for decades. They are among our best-selling disc molds. Narrowing down to just one type of Roc is tricky, though, so we will highlight them all! The Innova Roc3 and RocX3 are bagged by many players of all skill levels. They offer a comfortable feel in the hand and good glide, with a dependable fade at the end of the flight. These are great in the wind, with the RocX3 being the most stable Roc disc and offering the most overstability.

Players who want a little less stability and shot-shaping diversity may lean toward standard Innova Roc molds like the Rancho RocSan Marino RocKC Pro RocVRoc or Classic Roc. Because of their versatility and slight variances in design and flight characteristics, it’s easy to understand why many disc golfers proudly carry multiple Innova Rocs in their bags.

2. Mako3

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Easily Innova’s second-most popular mid-range disc is the Mako3. This is a super straight flyer that will hold just about any line you put it on. You can throw it on a hyzer flip or rip it straight at the target. Or, you can easily turn it over on a touchy anhyzer line and watch it glide through the woods effortlessly with its 5 glide rating. If you’ve never tried a Mako3, you are missing out on one of the easiest-to-throw mids on the market. Innova Champion plastic tends to be more overstable than Star plastic, so keep this in minds when shopping for your Mako3.

3. Lion

The Lion has been a workhorse for many disc golfers since it was first introduced. It offers a very comfortable grip with a convex rim, small bead and flat flight plate. It offers a little bit more glide than a Roc3, yet has enough dependable fade to keep you headed toward your target without ever falling off too hard to the left on backhand throws. Those who like a Lion may also want to try the brand new Avatar, which offers similar flight and feel but with an overmolded rim (similar to a Atlas) that will minimize ground play on upshots and just feels better in the hands for certain players.

4. Rat

The Innova Rat is a great mid-range disc for forehand players or those looking to tame their touchy upshots with a sidearm option. It offers a low-profile and a beadless rim that make it comfortable with a forehand grip, though plenty of backhand players like it for its overstability on some approach shots. This disc likes to fly flat out of the hand. It likes to fly straight and then have a predictable fade at the end. You’ll love the Rat in a headwind!

5. Shark

madison walker one disc

It would be hard to have this list without including the Innova Shark. This has been a great disc since Innova first introduced it. Early on, some would have even considered this a driver mold until the wide-rim discs really started to gain popularity. It is a fantastic mid-range disc for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, and it has always been the primary mid in our DX Starter Sets. It can be thrown on just about any angle with dependable results. You can also look into a Shark3 if you want a similar feeling disc with bit more stability.

Underrated Pick: Wombat3

With a glide flight rating of 6, the Wombat3 gives you many different shot selection options. As a less stable disc, It provides a touch of understability with a neutral-to-flippy flight path. It has a VTech rim and a lower profile, making it comfortable for both backhand and forehand throwers. Straight shots will fly with a straight flight while turnovers and flip-up hyzers are super easy to control with this disc. Beginners will love this midrange disc from Innova disc golf.

Utility Pick (Understable): Kite

The Kite is a sneaky-good mid with a slightly smaller diameter and a flight path that will be straight to understable. As its name would imply, it has no shortage of glide and is great for long turnover shots and hyzer flips on tight lines. Some novice players will even use it for backhand roller shots because it is so easy to turn over and get on the ground.

{{media url=Utility Pick (Overstable): Gator

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On the other end of the spectrum from the Kite is the overstable Gator. This is a very reliably overstable Innova mid-range disc with low glide and a lot of fade. It will give you pin-point accuracy and a very predictable fade at the end. It is ideal for headwind control, short drives and accurate approach shots. Both forehand and backhand players love the Gator. If you want even more beefy overstability (especially the sidearm players out there), you will also want to consider trying the Gator’s cousin, the Caiman.

We could go on all day about other Innova mid-ranges. It’s never easy to narrow down a list like this when there are so many great mid range disc golf discs to choose from, but we think this is a pretty good representation of the best of the best when it comes to our mid-range discs. Go out and try some of these mids for yourself and see just how much of a difference a good midrange disc golf disc will make in your game.

Published: December, 2020
Updated: August, 2023

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