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Zen-Like Wraith

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You’re not seeing things. DGU’s Zen Series is now featuring the Wraith. And just like the awesome Zen KC Pro Mako3, it’s designed by the talented artist Marm O. Set.

You won’t want to miss this wicked disc design on one of Innova’s most popular distance drivers.

The Discs: Champion / Star Wraith

The Wraith has been a fan favorite since it was released in 2005. With a speed of 11, it is among our faster discs, but it has enough stability to make it reliable in both wooded and open holes. 

More About the Stamp:

Appearing in an endless pursuit, these two menacing Wraiths are drawn with Marm O. Set’s freehand, tattoo style that you may have noticed from some of his other DGU designs (Zen KC Pro Mako3, ShamRoc). On each disc are two contrasting stamp foils that really make the two phantoms come alive.

Creating a New Wraith: 

Currently there are three other Wraith depictions on Innova discs: the 2019 Martin Hendel Tour Series Wraith, the Mini Series Star Wraith, and the classic Wraith character on DX, Echo Star, and Bottom Stamp Star discs.

Before starting his work, Marm O. Set tries to avoid other artists’ depictions. Because, whether you mean to or not, you can easily end up mimicking someone else, he said. The only one he saw prior was the DX Wraith, a favorite of many that has been around for years.

“Most of the time I look for inspiration outside of the disc golf arena. Many times, I just draw what I see from my dreams and sometimes it translates well,” said Marm O. Set.   

Face or No Face?

Marm O. Set decided not to include a face for the Wraith for two reasons: One, to go along with his grittier style, he would’ve needed to make the face much bigger to produce the detail he wanted. And that would not have fit with the theme; And two: leaving out the face makes the Wraith more impactful. The disc holder is left to imagine what’s underneath the Wraith’s hood.

Why You Should Buy These Discs:

Who doesn’t throw a Wraith? It’s an incredibly popular, longstanding driver. And it’s probably time for a fresh one. So you might as well get one with some panache.

Plus, once you get yours, you’ll discover all of the fun things Marm O. Set’s included in the design. See if you can find all of the ways the two Wraiths are different and where Marm O. Set hid the jalapeño.

Published: May, 2019
Updated: August, 2023

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