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The Best Disc Golf Apparel for Fall & Winter

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The weather has cooled down and the days have gotten much shorter. Snow is already falling in some parts of the country. Even those disc golfers in warmer climates may be layering up this time of year.

During the winter months, when it’s cold outside and weather is even more of a factor, you have to be smart about your apparel. How many layers are you wearing? Which clothes and accessories make the most sense to keep in your car or pack in your disc golf bag? Here are some of our best recommendations for the fall and winter seasons.

Comfortable Base Layer: Tee Shirt

Nate Sexton throwing a sidearm at the Las Vegas Challenge

You may be wearing thermals when it’s really cold out, but a comfortable tee shirt is always a great base layer any time of year. The Innova New Era Cypher Tee and the ThrowPink Recover Dry Tee both feature a soft, moisture-wicking material and anti-cling fabric.

Long-Sleeve Layer: Hoodie

Throw Pink Hoodie Royal Front

Throw Pink Hoodie Royal FrontInnova made these super-comfortable Mountain Fleece Hoodies just in time for the winter season. They are made from warm, comfortable fleece fabric that is easy to play in when you need long sleeves. Yet, it’s a hoodie you can take on and off during the round as you warm up or cool down. It folds up small and will easily fit in any disc golf bag’s side pocket.

Ladies will enjoy this ThrowPink hoodie with a thicker cotton and fleece blend material. You can never go wrong with a good hoodie. For thicker outer layers, you may want to look into windbreakers, rain jackets or vests. Wearing layers is always a good idea when playing disc golf. Once you warm up after a few holes, it feels good to peel off a layer or two. Then, it feels good to bundle up whenever you have long waits on tee boxes or after the round. Make sure you pack apparel that will fit in your bag and is easy to take on and off as needed. 

Comfy Leggings: Lounge Pants

Whether you are just sitting around the house or you need to keep your legs warm on the disc golf course (without restricting your footwork), you’ll love the comfort and warmth of the Innova Flow Tie Dye Lounge Pants. These high-quality sweat pants are great to have in the fall before the winter months and the winter seasons!

Keep Your Pants Up: Belts

Grip6 has become very popular with disc golfers because of their stylish, sleek and comfortable belt designs. You sure don’t want your pants falling down when it’s cold outside, so check out a Grip6 Belt with many cool buckle options available on the DGU Store.

Head Covering: Hats & Beanies

head sweater pom beanie red

head sweater pom beanie redThey say most body heat is lost through the top of your head. Innova offers a wide variety of branded hats, ball caps and beanies. No matter what your style, you’ll be able to keep your head warm when it’s cold outside. Plus, you’ll look damn good out on the disc golf course!

Happy Feet: Socks & Shoes

There’s nothing worse than cold feet. Keep your toes warm and body heat protected with Foot Fault’s Original Performance Socks or Throw Pink Tee Box Socks. If you are playing in the snow or wet weather, you may want to invest in some thermal socks and/or waterproof socks. Many trail shoe manufacturers popular with disc golfers offer waterproof shoes that also provide enhanced grip in slippery conditions.

Bag Check: Helpful Fall & Winter Accessories

There are many great disc golf accessories you can utilize to keep your discs dry and your hands warm. Here are some products we recommend:

Click below for a full directory of men’s and women’s disc golf apparel available on the DGU Store:

Published: December, 2021
Updated: December, 2023

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