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What’s Your Sign?

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If you like smashin’ chains, we’ve got the disc for you. DGU has teamed up with Sabattus Disc Golf to bring you the Zodiac series. Starting with Aries, this design features the flying ram from Greek mythology.


Astrology studies the movements of celestial bodies and how they affect and give meaning to daily life. Aries disc golfers (born March 21 through April 19) could be described as:

  • Always looking to lock horns with the hardest courses
  • Not afraid to play aggressive to get that stroke on the group
  • Continually pushing for that next win or milestone

With Aries aggressive nature, there’s really only one disc we could’ve chosen: the Destroyer, the #1 driver in disc golf. Even if you’re not an Aries, your game and personality may be compatible with and complemented by an Aries.

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The Destroyer:

A very fast, stable long-distance driver. A great disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power. You can never have enough Destroyers. This two-color XXL edition is a must have for die-hard fans, throwers, and collectors.

The Aries Star Destroyer and Shimmer Star Destroyer have that classic Destroyer feel, and most have a moderate dome. Some in the 170’s have more pop tops. Both Aries Destroyers are grippy and great for early spring disc golf.

The Artwork:

Ryan Advent, known for his XXL Mako3 and XXL Shark designs, came up with this chain-smashin’ ram. Advent said he wanted to design a pose that conveyed the same traits known to the Aries.

“Namely headstrong, and energetic, the type to leap into action,” said Advent, who lives in Westerville, Ohio.

And what better way to showcase a head-strong creature than by having it smash strands of disc golf target chains. Advent said that feature was a good way to tie the Aries themed piece back to disc golf.

The Aries artwork is so strong that DGU, Sabattus, and Advent all believe more than just Aries disc golfers will be attracted to it.

“I hope that non Aries will be drawn to the art aspect of it, maybe even some L.A. Rams fans, too,” joked Advent.

Published: March, 2019
Updated: August, 2023

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