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Undead Series is Alive & Kicking

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The leaves are beginning to change, mornings are getting cooler, and you can order just about anything in pumpkin spice flavor. The Halloween season is upon us! Get into the spooky spirit with  these Undead Discs – the latest DGU Original – featuring three popular models stripped down to the bare bones.

More about the discs

Rat: A low-profile, beadless mid-range that flies fast out of the hand. Great for forehands. Available in both Star and Shimmer Star plastic.

Roc3: Holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and has a predictable fade. Get it in Star and Shimmer Star plastic.

Stud: The Stud is equally at home driving, approaching or putting in windy or calm conditions. Available in both XT and Star Plastic.

How do you breathe life into a skeleton?

As you know, skeletons aren’t too animated. Remember the emotion-less skeleton warriors in the classic movie Jason and the Argonauts? Although it was a cool scene and the stop motion animation was cutting edge at the time, the skeletons didn’t show much personality.

So how do you make stamps featuring the skeletons of a Rat, Roc, and Stud come alive?

Artist Marm O. Set admits that it’s tough to give skeletons personality, but he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve. He says for skeletons you have to rely on posture, body language, and surrounding environment more than facial expressions.

In each design, Marm O. Set draws the skeleton characters with plenty of body language amid a fitting backdrop, all of which help flesh out the Undead character. The Stud rears up in the desert of the American West, the Roc looms above a forested mountainside, while the Rat awaits its prey in a dark sewer.

However, Marm O. Set said he’s not above distorting the skull some to mimic facial expressions if he needs to.

“The trick is to know how much distortion is too much. I usually err on the side of being conservative because too much distortion can be disorienting,” said Marm O. Set, who has designed other DGU gems like the Zen Wraith and Zen Mako3.

Undead Roc drawing small

Deconstructing the Roc

As disc golfers, we’re used to seeing Innova’s characters fully dressed and with their muscles and skin fully intact. So it’s a little unsettling to see these characters down to their bones. Marm O. Set said he’s always loved figuring out how things work and deconstructing animals and other things are right up his alley.

“I absolutely love the challenge of rendering something completely unnatural while trying to make it look believable,” said Marm O. Set, who already has more Innova characters in mind for the series.

Undead discs made first appearance in Mystery Box

You may have already received one of the Undead Series discs. The Undead discs were featured as the “previously unreleased series” in DGU’s most recent Mystery Box. Now is your chance to add to your collection from our wide selection of weights and colors.

Why you should buy one

Nothing says Halloween like skeletons. So compliment your new Innova Pumpkins, with a new tradition, the Undead Series.

Published: September, 2019
Updated: November, 2023

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