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XCaliber Brand Management

The XCaliber disc is one of Innova’s meatiest, most overstable drivers often reserved for the long arms. And when you think of a XXL design for the disc, a mammoth sword in the hands of a take-no-prisoners knight is probably what comes to mind.

Well, what do ya’ know--? That’s just what artist Rick Carlson created for the new XXL Echo Star XCaliber design. And, it’s a design so engaging, you’ll be glad you’re not at the other end of the sword that looks like it’s about to pierce through the plastic.

During the day, Carlson, of Oconomowoc, WI, works in brand development, handling the visual appeal of a product’s packaging and the marketing behind it.
And just like with his day job, Carlson’s goal for the XXL XCaliber was to not only make a compelling design that evoked emotion, but to also accentuate the XCaliber brand.
“You always want to put yourself in the character’s shoes. That’s what we wanted to do and not be so plain jane about it,” said Carlson, who has worked on a number of big branding accounts like Ziploc, Windex, and Drano.

Here’s a logo he did for he and his wife’s website:

Carlson has been involved in disc golf since the early 2000’s. However, with work and family, his disc golf nowadays is generally limited to what he and his sons can play in the backyard.
He’s also done designs for local disc golf events/fundraisers and individuals. Plus, he’s done t-shirts, too.

Here’s a past disc design:


He’ll admit that he may overdo it when it comes to background research on his designs. However, he wants it to feel right. For the XCal he surveyed lots of armor styles and worked on the knight’s appearance to give it enough of a Medieval quality to jive with the sword, but still a modern look to it.

The XXL XCal idea itself was a fun one to play with because there were so many directions to go, said Carlson. In fact, whittling down all of his possible options to one disc-worthy idea was the most challenging part of the assignment.
However, he feels he went with the right one.
“I’m definitely very excited. It’s a pretty stellar design. I’m gonna have to gloat on myself for that one,” said Carlson.