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White Gets His Shot at the Destroyer

When Les White was first getting into disc golf around 2010 he came across some DX Destroyers on a Walmart rack and was blown away by the stamp.

Growing up loving Transformers, Manga (Japanese Comics), and all things robots, he was amazed to see something like the Destroyer robotic character on a golf disc.
“I already knew back then that I just had to try and do a version one day for Innova,” said White.

Well that day has come with the new XXL Destroyer Artist Edition and White, DGU, and a lot of disc collectors are super pumped about it.
“I can honestly say I've never felt so good about any disc art I've done compared to this,” said White, who lives in Colorado.

Known for his iconic robots, White was the perfect candidate for a new interpretation of the Destroyer. And looking at this design, you can see why it’s been one of the most anticipated DGU Store releases. Reinvigorated into White’s Bot style, the Destroyer character looks like it just opened up a can of whoop-ass, with a lighting-fast jab into outer space.

White said this new XXL Destroyer was the culmination of a lot of timely sketches, the first of which he quickly scribbled down while waiting at a stop light in the car. Check it out


He said early in the process, he was all over the map with what he wanted to include in the design.
“Some of the initial sketches were way out there: Wrist rockets blasting off, massively large cannons, etc. I had to tone down a lot of the stuff I was drawing as I can get carried away very easily!” said White, who morphed David Wiggins Jr. into a Bot for his 2014 Tour Series disc, which was also White's first time on a Destroyer.


You’ll notice near the XXL Destroyer's collar of his final version, the name “Wilcox” is visible. White was paying homage to Innova Multimedia Designer, Levi Wilcox, who designed the original Destroyer character for the DX Destroyer disc (which was designed/released 2007-2008).


White says the Destroyer as a disc and its original stock stamp are a part of disc golf history and he considers it an honor to be a part of a new chapter of it.
Wilcox’s Destroyer is certainly iconic, but after seeing it standing still on the DX Destroyer and a smaller version on the Echo Star Destroyer for many years, it’s cool to see a new version in action. Depicting action, after all, is what White prides himself on. He’s spent countless hours perfecting movement from his comic and animation experience.
White said he’s been wanting to do a XXL design, and first on the list has always been the Destroyer.
“To know that a life goal could come around full circle, and to be a part of such an iconic disc, is just cool as heck!” said White.