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Skulboy's Boss

There’s a new Boss in town. And he’s the type of character you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley or even in a well-lit grocery store for that matter. However, this tough guy brought to life by Duncan “Skulboy” Crawford for the XXL Boss Artist Edition is exactly what you’d want to find in your bag or on your wall.

Before now, the Boss disc has been represented by the fedora hat (special edition Champion, Echo Star, Bottom stamp Star) and a gangster wielding a tommy gun (DX). But with Duncan “Skulboy” Crawford’s new XXL design, we get close up and personal with the Boss. Well, as close as you wanna get to this tough cookie.

Crawford said he tried to create a character that’s seen the rough side of town more than once. “Someone with scars, but still was kind of well off. Definitely someone with a little bit of power,” said Crawford, who lives in Los Angeles.
This Boss design goes along with Crawford’s cross-hatch, skull-friendly style that you might expect from a guy named Skulboy.

It also fits well with the disc's no-nonesense flying style. Now in its 10th year of production the Boss disc is well respected for its stability and distance.

Over the years, Crawford, who is an avid disc golfer, has made a name for himself as a disc artist providing custom designs for events and various disc manufactures. Check out some of his past work here:
(here’s his first custom design in 2010).


Tinseltown Day Job

During the day, Crawford also is an artist, but his skills go instead toward sculpting movie sets. He often works with a team of sculptors using Styrofoam to create far-off worlds, creatures, and other set features. You may have seen his work in the latest Guardians of the Galaxy edition, Night the Museum 3 and more. He recently worked on the upcoming Captain Marvel movie and he's currently working on Call of the Wild starring Harrison Ford.

Here's Crawford at work at Night of the Museum 3


Crawford got to where he is today by quitting a comfortable, steady job at a law firm in Rochester, N.Y. to look for design work in the movies. After five years of scrounging for work he established himself in the business.
“When I was living in Rochester, I was doing a non-creative based job. Making a career of being an artist is really a huge deal for me,” said Crawford, who describes himself as comic book geek and was super psyched to work on and get a movie credit for his work on the first Avengers movie.

Skulboy Combines Art with Disc Golf

Crawford has taken that set design skill to the disc golf course, creating some really cool bases for disc golf targets. One is a giant hand clutching a target and another is a target posted in what looks like a rock formation with a skull.
Crawford loves disc design because it combines has passions of disc golf and art and it’s a good thing to keep him busy whenever he’s not working on a movie.
Along with his art, disc golf has also been present for much of his adult life. He said he’s been playing since the 1980’s, but got more into it within the last 10 years.
He said he originally got into disc design because he was tired of seeing the same old designs overpopulated with mushrooms and other hippie themes.
“I kind of got into this so I could put my artwork into my own bag,” said Crawford.

Fun Fact: He used Skullboy with two L’s as his user name playing video games back in the day. When he decided to design a logo for Skulboy Designs he ditched one of the L’s because it made better design sense.