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Saving Up for That Shamroc Tattoo

Don’t be surprised if you see the new Shamroc design tattooed on someone’s arm after this special St. Patrick’s Day themed release. The design has got that tattoo feel, which makes perfect sense because it was drawn by Seth White the disc/tattoo artist from Billings, Montana.

Dreamed up to be the premium plastic counterpart to the Shamrock DX Classic Aviar (released in February), the Shamroc Champion Roc3 contains a Celtic knot, Maltese cross, and a handful of shamrocks for good measure. It’s sure to be your money mid-range.

The process of commissioning White was very similar to coming into his Black Dagger tattoo parlor in search of some new ink. Much like a tattoo customer, DGU gave White some ideas of what we wanted, then White took it from there, fleshing it out so to speak.
“I like doing that high contrast line art,” said White, which he’s provided many times in tattoo form. Here's White in action.


The result is an intricate, hand drawn, showpiece that would make a leprechaun gladly trade his pot of gold for. Not surprisingly, White was quite proud of it. And he hopes anyone who sees it, enjoys it just as much as he did producing it.

The project combined a lot of what White likes: disc golf, design, collecting – all of it. “I just like being a part of it,” said White (PDGA # 33182), who has been competing in disc golf for the last 15 years.

White said Montana’s disc golf community is a tight knit group, so it didn’t take long for the tattoo artist to be commissioned for disc golf art projects here and there and later to provide artwork for one Montana’s premier events, the Zoo Town Open. So far, he’s done about five designs for the event. Here's the 2016 design.


Along with the DGU Shamroc, White also produced this year’s Thrower Roc. Stay tuned for that. You’ll like it.
When he’s not manning his tattoo parlor or when times are slow at the shop, he’s designing discs. Sometimes, though, disc golf is what he tattoos. Some of his disc golf themed tattoos include: baskets, discs, a disc smashing into chains, and some landscapes with baskets. Take a look at some of his work on his Instagram page.

He thinks good tattoos and disc golf designs have a lot in common. You want it to be seen at a distance, recognizable, and you want it to age well.
“The cleanliness of the design is something I pay attention to,” said White.