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Open Wide

Just when you thought it was safe to pick up a golf disc, DGU and artist Ryan Advent bring you the XXL Shark3.

Advent, who lives in Westerville, Ohio, takes us to the moment of truth when facing a hungry Great White Shark – with its mouth open wide enough to eat a fishing vessel.
“That was definitely meant to be the focus: The abyss inside the Great White’s mouth. There’s no escaping it. You’re going in. It was meant to be intimidating,” said Advent, who also designed the XXL Mako3 and DGUniverse.


Advent based the design on several pictures of Great White Sharks and positioned it so it looked like it was right on top of you.
Besides the black hole-of-a-mouth, another difference between the Shark3 and the Mako3, is the Shark3’s battle tested look. You’ll notice more than one war wound on this underwater monster, which added to its aggressive look, said Advent.

Be sure to take advantage of this Great White close-up because normally when you get this close you’re about to lose a leg.

Check out his other work, when you get a chance: prymallines.myportfolio.com