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It’s Shark (Mako3) Week

If you were snorkeling off the coast, this is not the image you’d want to see. However, if you’re a fan of the Mako3 disc and super awesome shark illustrations, then this is exactly what you want to see.

Star and Champion XXL Mako3 discs are now available at DGUstore.

Artist Ryan Advent of Westerville, Ohio, designed this Mako shark to appear like it's coming at you, so don’t be surprised if goose bumps arise after getting yours. One of the goals here is to push the boundaries of traditional 2-dimensional art, he said.

Doing his research for the piece, he scanned over many shark photos and took notes from the shark movements that inspired him. (He’s into capturing animal movement in general).
“I wanted something that showed a lot of movement and action to it,” said Advent, who lives down the street from the Brent Hambrick Memorial Disc Golf Course. He often plays there. In fact, he was playing a round when we reached out to him about this story.

A freelance artist/graphic designer/illustrator, Advent’s work often contains animals. Recently he’s done birds of prey, a silver back gorilla, and he did a close up of the Roc bird’s eye for one of the 2017 USDGC Partner stamps.

Check out his other work, when you get a chance:

When it comes to portraying this shark, it was important to make the shark seem believable, but at the same time he wanted to leave an element of fantasy in the drawing to draw the eye in.

Some of his biggest influences are indigenous art. He said he’s always gravitated to the raw, primal nature of it and the undiluted message behind it. It’s a part of his style and he believes it seeps into all of his work including this Mako3, which has that raw feel combined with clean edges, he said.

At the end of the day, it gives Advent’s work an intense, eye popping style. “Badass” would come to mind, too. And if that’s the reaction you get from seeing his disc, it’s mission accomplished for Ryan.