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Want Extra Stability? Look for Innova X-Series Discs!

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We’ve covered the 3-Series lower-profile design. We talked about the VTech rim with a convex shape and more weight distributed to the outer edges of the disc. We have one last Innova variant to cover, and that is the X-Series.

What is the Innova X-Series?

Innova X-series Roc X3

The “X” name is added to certain disc names. It basically stands for “extra” stability, as X-Series discs are the most overstable versions of their counterparts. A Roc3 will offer more stability than a Roc, while a RocX3 will be more stable than the Roc3. X-Series discs offer the most torque resistance. Even more weight is distributed to the rim to provide a dependable overstable low-speed finish. 

Enhanced Control & Dependability

Some of Innova’s most popular X-Series discs include the aforementioned RocX3 and the AviarX3. The AviarX3 is the most stable mold of the Aviar lineup, and is a good choice for controlled upshots. Nobody throws a forehand AviarX3 better than Innova Star Team member, Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling. It’s his go-to-disc for flick approaches. Juliana Korver’s JK Pro Aviar-x is another putter that’s a bit more overstable than a standard Aviar.

Another well-known X-Series disc is the Eagle X. Again, the “X” means it is the most stable version of the Eagle fairway driver mold. You can put a little more power behind it and use the extra stability for increased control and accuracy off the tee or on longer approach shots.

The Stuff of Legends

Team Innova Captain Nate Sexton throwing a forehand drive.

One of Innova’s most underrated discs is the XCaliber. Yes, the name sounds like the sword of legend and we even put a sword on the new Nate Sexton Signature Series version of this overstable high-speed distance driver. However, it is spelled the way it is for a reason. This is an X-Series caliber driver with a very overstable flight path and excellent dependability no matter how much power you put behind it. Nate leans on his XCals a lot for controlled distance drives, especially in headwind conditions.

Are XT Discs Part of the X-Series?

The X-Series is not to be confused with XT, which is a specific type of special blend plastic Innova uses on some putt and approach molds like the XT Nova. To learn more about Innova’s plastic options, check out our Discs & Plastics post from the Disc Golf Dictionary series.

X-Series discs may not be for everyone, but they are preferred by disc golfers who like a little extra stability. If you like throwing the Roc3, but worry that it gets a little flippy in a headwind or doesn’t always fight back to the left the way you want, then you might want to try a RocX3. Building your bag is all about trying new discs and seeing what works best for you in specific situations you might encounter on the disc golf course.

Published: June, 2021
Updated: November, 2023

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