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From Doodle to DGUstore

Artist Daniel Lyons, of Keyport, N.J., has always been a fan of the Rhyno disc. In fact, the first time he got a hold of one he aced with it. It still ranks among his top discs today. So it makes perfect sense why he’d choose to pay tribute to one of his favorite discs with his other talent, drawing.

However, this time he didn’t use paper for his canvass, he used a Factory Second GStar Rhyno after wiping off the stamp. Equipped with several Sharpie permanent markers, Lyons detailed a close-up of a Rhinoceros. Now, many of us disc golfers draw doodles and other images on our plastic. Some of mine actually look halfway decent, but this was clearly taking it to another level.rhyno

Several months after creating his Rhyno drawing, his buddy told him about DGU’s Contest (July 2017) that asked for photo submissions of original art on discs. So Lyons sent a pic of his Rhyno.
DGU got several sweet submissions, but Daniel’s Rhyno took the cake. Lyons was at work at his former job, managing a liquor store, when he got the call that he’d not only won, but that DGU also wanted to buy his design to use for a DGU disc. 25013979_1538767619546022_2976512563484819456_n-1-

Lyon said he was so blown away that he’d momentarily forgot about a customer he was dealing with.
“One of my dreams is to have an Innova disc, especially like the Rhyno,” said Lyons.

After the call with DGU, Lyons said he got into a little trouble with his boss for forgetting about the customer, but he said the customer was understanding after he explained what had happened.

Interested in one of Lyons' Rhynos. You can have one for yourself in either Shimmer Star or new R-Pro Plastic.

Now Lyons has a job framing art, which is closer to his passion. And, he continues to work at his original art design. Go to his Instagram page to see what he’s been working on. 23507410_1189764351168585_4673423158240346112_n

Looking at Lyons’ work, you can tell he has talent. It will be no surprise to see more of his illustrations on other discs in the future. We’re glad he submitted his Rhyno to our contest.
There are some really good artists out there. So, keep in mind the next time DGU has an original art contest, you may end up with your drawing on a disc, like Lyons.