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Distance Machine

Distance king David Wiggins Jr. and artist Les White have a good thing going. Wiggins and White have teamed up for the last four stamps of Wiggins including his new Team Champion Series Glow Champion Boss.

This one features a take-no-crap cyborg-type character levitating a disc in between his mechanized hands all done in White’s signature action/adventure style.
“I like how it turned out. It’s pretty bad-ass. That’s Les’s style,” said Wiggins, 22, who’s now living in Louisiana, studying engineering at the University of New Orleans.


After working together for several discs, Wiggins and White know what to expect of each other.
“I'll run an idea, or a sketch by him for some quick feedback - and then I'm off and running. He knows what to expect when I'm drawing and designing for him, and my mission is to deliver something that ultimately says 'cool’,” said White.

The stamp appears on a Glow Champion Boss. Wiggins has made the Boss mold world famous after breaking the World Distance Record in 2012 with the disc and then reclaiming the title in 2016 with a monstrous Boss throw of 1,109 feet.

“The Boss is the furthest flying disc out there. It’s my all out distance driver when I’m going for maximum distance,” said Wiggins, who’s won the last 5 consecutive PDGA Pro World Championships distance competitions, using the Boss in all but one.

With his busy school workload (he interned at a Gulf Coast shipyard this summer) he’s not able to tour like he used to. But he’s still constantly working out to stay in shape and he believes he can maintain his distance crown.

Always game for the USDGC, he’s planning on traveling to Rock Hill for Monday Qualifying provided his school schedule allows him to.