DGU's Got Terrex's Spring Line

You’ve come to depend on DGUstore for awesome disc releases, gear, and apparel. Now DGU’s got your feet covered too. We’ve partnered with Adidas Terrex to offer their best men’s and women’s outdoor shoes for the rigors of disc golf. Plus, we’ve hooked you up with some of Terrex’s best apparel.

How it Works:

  1. Go to DGUstore.com and find Adidas in the Categories dropdown.
  2. Select the style and size of Adidas Terrex shoes or apparel.
  3. Your order will be sent direct from Adidas.
  4. Have an issue with your Adidas items? Contact us at DGU. 800-339-2259


Wondering why you should invest in a pair of Terrex shoes?


Just ask Innova Team Star member Philo Brathwaite. He says the Adidas Terrex’s popularity boils down to their dependability factor.
“Most other shoes you get breakdown in the sole and that just hasn’t happened with the Adidas Terrex. When it comes to dependability nothing beats the Terrex,” said Brathwaite.

Traction can’t be beat
Adidas Terrex’s tread will get you through just about anything you come across. 5-time World Champ Juliana Korver not only wears Terrex for disc golf, but she relies on them for other disc sports, too. She's got high praise for both the Agravic and AX2.
"Playing surfaces in disc golf are diverse and previous shoes would work well for one but not another.The Adidas Terrex have worked well on every surface that I have tried them on," said Korver
What Water? Waterproof versions kick butt.
Be sure to check out the latest version of the Swift series, the Swift R2 GTX. 2016 US Champ Jeremy Koling trusts the GoreTex to keep his toes dry, which is vital in wet rounds lasting several hours.
“The waterproofing system is phenomenal. There was a tournament I was at that every single step of the 3-rounds was flooded, but my socks didn’t get wet for the entire tournament,” said Koling.

Terrex Apparel shrug off the elements
You haven't felt comfort in the elements until you've played a round in a Terrex performance jacket or a pair of their nature-proof shorts. We've got several styles of men's and women's jackets, pants, and tees that'll inspire you to play no matter the weather.

Time for Terrex on your feet
Now it’s your chance to make Adidas Terrex part of your game. Whether you’re a die-hard-all-elements golfer or the occasional after work rounder – there’s a shoe just for you.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference a solid pair of shoes makes. Here’s a review from a Terrex customer that nicely sums it all up.
“BEST DISC GOLF SHOE OUT THERE. Funny how a shoe can change your game. The grip on tee pads is amazing. Very comfortable and majorly waterproof.” - Jimi41