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Behold, The Thumber King

When you think of ‘Thumber’ one name comes to mind for most disc golfers: Brian Schweberger.
Over Schweberger’s lengthy pro career, he’s perfected that shot to the point of being known as the Thumber King in many disc golf circles. His thumber is so crafty, it’s been said that a few Mandos have been created to block that throw.

So it’s only natural that Schwebby’s Champion Series Disc has a thumber theme. Schwebby gave Raleigh, N.C., artist Kris Henseler free-range on what to create and the amusing and spot-on crowned-thumb image was what he came up with. Schwebby definitely liked it.brian-schweberger-smiling-1

“I thought it suited me well. Most people know me for my overhand thumber. And the fact that I’ll have the Firebird as the disc, makes it even better,” said Schweberger, who uses the Flat Top Champion Firebird for 95% of his thumbers.

Check out Schwebby's thumber in action from this 2013 USDGC clip by Hatchet Harry.

The design also reflects Schwebby’s light-hearted personality that he’s known for.
“Absolutely. I try not to take anything too seriously. I play the game for the fun of it. The fact that I can make money off of it is just a bonus,” said Schwebby, who has won countless events including the 2013 US Masters Championships. schwebb-masters

Though you may see Schwebby cutting up and laughing on and off the course, he’s serious about the number of events he plays each year. He once held the record for the most sanctioned events played in a season.

This fall he’s been dealing with a sprained wrist in his throwing hand, but he’s hoping to heal so he can play three to four more events before year’s end. For 2018, he wants to play as much as possible (at least 40 events) and travel further out for some bigger tourneys. For all of those, you can bet his thumber will see lots of action.